Updating CloudFormation Stack for AWS account linked to Clumio Portal


When you use AWS CloudFormation, you work with templates and stacks. You create templates to describe your AWS resources and their properties. Whenever you create a stack, CloudFormation provisions the resources that are described in your template.


This document describes the process of updating an existing CloudFormation stack for re-deploying AWS resources required for Clumio protection services in the AWS account linked to Clumio Portal.


The user updating the CloudFormation must have valid administrative credentials to the following:

  1. AWS administrative console to manage the CloudFormation services.
  2. Clumio service credentials used to access the Clumio portal.


  1. Sign in to your AWS account so that Clumio can access it when updating the CloudFormation stack.
  2. Log in to the Clumio portal, select AWS > Environments. The AWS Environments window appears.
  3. You will observe an 'Update Available' Icon next to your AWS account as shown in the following screenshot.
  4. Select the 'Update Available' and hit 'Launch Update Stack Wizard'. This should re-direct you to your AWS account CFT console. 
  5. In your AWS CFT console, proceed with the default configured options and complete the steps for the 'Update Stack' wizard to successfully update the old CFT stack. 
  6. Wait for the CloudFormation Stack deployment to be finished. 

Once the status for the CloudFormation stack changes to "UPDATE_COMPLETE", you can go back to the Clumio portal and check the updated Environments page.

Contact [email protected] in case of any clarifications or questions.