SQL server on EC2 backups

There are two ways to generate Microsoft SQL database backups:

  • Recurring backups-Backups can be generated based on the policy’s configured schedule to occur at frequencies throughout the year.
  • On-demand backups-There are two options for on-demand backups:
    • Database backups: Use database backups when you want to enable a full database recovery of a selected backup.
    • Log backups: Use log backups when you want to enable point in time recovery, or recovery to a specific time of day. Log backups are only available using the full recovery model in Microsoft SQL.

Users assigned the Helpdesk Admin role can perform on-demand backups, but not set up recurring backups. To learn more about roles, see Roles.

SQL on EC2 backup

A backup policy can be applied to Microsoft SQL on EC2 either at the host level or at the individual database level. To back up a Microsoft SQL asset, apply a backup policy.

  1. Navigate to the AWS > Inventory > MS SQL on EC2 page.
  2. Select the relevant check box:
    • Hosts tab > relevant Microsoft SQL Host (for host level policy protection)
    • Databases tab > relevant Database Name ( for database level policy protection)
  3. In the Filter field, filter for Protection status, select Unprotected to see assets that do not have a policy applied.
  4. Use the check boxes to select an asset, or multiple assets.
  5. Click Apply Policy, or click the plus icon to the right of the asset. The Apply Policy dialog box displays.
  6. Select a policy from the drop-down list and click Apply Policy. A message appears confirming that the policy was successfully applied.

Once a policy has been applied, the specific asset will be backed up at the frequency defined in the policy. You can edit the Protection Policy or apply a new policy to the specific asset at any time. If the policy states that seeding must only happen during the backup window, data is not backed up until the start time of the window. If a job exceeds the backup window, that job is aborted. After the policy has been applied, you can go to Tasks to monitor the progress of the backup.

On-demand SQL on EC2 backup

If you have configured a policy to support on-demand SecureVault backups, you can start an immediate backup of the protected asset. If there is a current backup underway, the on-demand backup request sends an alert, and the on-demand backup starts after the current backup is complete.

  1. Navigate to AWS > Inventory > MS SQL on EC2. Select the Microsoft SQL host or individual database asset for which you want to generate an on-demand backup. Click Take backup, the backup window displays.
  2. Choose either Database backup or Log backup.
    • A database backup is a full backup of the asset, but does not include database logs. Database backups do not allow for point in time recovery.
    • A log backup is a full backup of the asset, including logs. Log backups allow for point in time recovery.
  3. A message confirms that the backup has started.

You can view the status of the backup on the tasks list. The backup task displays as an on-demand backup.