Getting started with Clumio Protect for S3

Clumio provides a secure way to protect your Simple Storage Service (S3) through Clumio Protect for S3. 


If you have bucket-level permissions applied to your S3 bucket, please ensure that the permissions allow access to the Clumio roles for successful ingestion/Inventory. 

  • Refer to this article for instructions on how to configure your bucket-level permissions to include the Clumio Role.

Supported storage classes

You can perform Clumio Protect backups for the below storage classes:

  • S3 Standard
  • S3 Intelligent-Tiering
  • S3 Standard - IA
  • S3 One Zone - IA
  • S3 Reduced Redundancy

Note: Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive are not supported. 

Supported encryption types

The following encryption types are supported when backing up objects:

  • Server-side encryption with Amazon S3 managed keys (SSE-S3) 2
  • Server-side encryption with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys (SSE-KMS)

Useful information

  • There are two backup tiers for Clumio Protect for S3: SecureVault Standard and SecureVault Archive. Please refer to the following article for additional information.
  • Protecting the same object across different protection groups will incur metering the object separately across each protection group.

Getting started

Connect your AWS account

You must first connect the AWS account and regions that contain your EC2 instances and EBS volumes to start protecting them using Clumio. 

  • Refer to this article for instructions on connecting your AWS account to Clumio.
  • Refer to this article for a list of supported source regions from which you can back up AWS resources.


  • S3 Intelligent-Tiering
    • We would fail to backup any object in Archive Access Tier and Deep Archive Access Tier but the object will not be moved to Frequent Access Tier in this process. The said objects would then be treated as missing and we would not retry to back up those objects.
    • For any object not in Archive Access tier and Deep Archive Access tier but is part of Intelligent Tiering, processing a successful backup promotes objects up to the Frequent Access tier and these objects are eventually tiered back down if not accessed.

There may be certain limitations such as the restore size of a single object, supported types, etc.

For information about Clumio service limits for S3, refer to the relevant section in the following article.


Contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.