Error: 402 Unauthorized Access

The 402 Unauthorized access error code indicates the API request is not completed due to a lack of valid authorization. The user will receive HTTP 401 Unauthorized status in the result. Clumio uses bearer token as an authentication scheme for the REST APIs.


HTTP Status:

401 Unauthorized

Response Body:

    "errors": [
            "error_code": 402,
            "error_message": "Unauthorized access"


  • Authentication Token is not provided
  • Invalid Authentication Token
  • Authentication Token Expired


Please confirm if the Authorization header is formatted properly.

  • cURL command example:
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${BEARER\_TOKEN}"
  • Postman example:
  • If there is an Authorization header field, check whether the provided bearer token is valid or not. To learn more about how to create an API token, click here.