DynamoDB backups and snaps

Clumio supports SecureVault Backups and Snaps of your AWS DynamoDB tables. SecureVault backups are saved remotely to Clumio and retained for the length of time specified in a protection policy. Once the retention period expires, the backup is destroyed.

You can generate SecureVault backups and snapshots in two ways:

  • Recurring backups: configure a policy to generate backups at specified intervals and retain those backups for a specified period.
  • On-Demand backups: backups are generated when required and retained for the specified period. On-Demand backups are retained for 7 days by default.

DynamoDB Snaps are continuous, on-demand, or scheduled snapshots of your data. Continuous backup is incremental and lets you restore your data with per-second granularity. Snapshots are retained for the period specified in a protection policy and continuous backups are retained for 35 days by default.

Click a table name on the DynamoDB tables tab, AWS > AWS Environments > [Account Name] > DynamoDB Tables, to view the asset details page with the backup and snap history calendar and alerts for that table.

The DynamoDB asset details calendar view legend has 4 types of backup:

  • Snap: Snapshot orchestrated by DynamoDB Snap
  • Point-in-time (PITR): Continuous Backup orchestrated by DynamoDB Snap to offer Point-in-time-recovery (PITR).
  • SecureVault Backup: Air-gapped backup managed by Clumio.
  • Non-Clumio Snapshot: Snapshots taken outside of Clumio managed by the customer. These snapshots are ingested by the Clumio Discover feature and can also be used for recovery purposes.

You can take an on demand snap of the table by clicking the link on the top right of the page.

A panel below the calendar displays Tasks and Alerts for the selected table. Click a task type to view its details.

You can also view the tables on your AWS Console.