Troubleshooting: Finding restored email

If you restore Microsoft 365 email, but cannot find the restored email, follow these steps to troubleshoot the restore. If you are still unable to restore, contact the Clumio support team for assistance.

Step 1:

Confirm whether you specified any Folder field or not. If you did, email will be restored in a newly created folder outside Inbox with the name configured in the Restore screen.

Step 2:

Screen_Shot_2020-04-28_at_7.01.41_PM.pngConfirm that the task for restore is Completed.

Step 3:
Check the Destination mailbox and confirm that the restored email does exist in a newly created folder outside Inbox. The restore also maintains the folder hierarchy from where the emails are restored.

Step 4:
If you did not specify any folder name, email will be restored in the original folder (eg. Inbox). If the original folder is no longer available, Clumio service will create a new folder with the original name (eg. Inbox). Also, keep in mind that email’s authenticity is maintained and it’ll have the same sent or received date and time. If the email is old, it’ll not be at the top of the mailbox but hidden in other emails and sorted based on original sent or received date and time.