Clumio UI: Inactive session timeout

The Clumio UI currently enforces a 15-minute inactivity timeout for which a browser session will be logged out. Any activity on the page or a simple browser refresh will reset the 15-minute inactivity timer.

Please note that users have the option to modify the Idle Session Timeout. Instructions for doing so are described below.


There are two primary scenarios that result in a user being logged out due to inactivity. 

Scenario 1: Clumio UI opened on a single tab/window. (Idle session timeout)

The Clumio UI is currently set for the idle timeout period of 15 minutes. If the user does not refresh the current tab/window or does not perform any activity on UI within the timeout period, the session ends with a message of "You have been logged out due to 15 minutes of inactivity".

Scenario 2: Clumio UI opened on multiple browser tabs/windows. (Active session timeout)

In this scenario, the session timeout may occur while the user has multiple tabs or windows open and are inactive on at least one of them. The behavior described may occur if browser cookies are invalidated during an active session. For example, a user may have two open tabs (tab A and tab B) accessing the Clumio UI and is actively working on tab B but not in tab A. After 15 minutes, the user will be signed out from tab A with the message of "You have been logged out due to 15 minutes of inactivity".  At the same time, the browser will clear the cookies and this results in a "Session expired" on tab B even if the user is actively working on tab B. 


  1. Clumio recommends that users access the UI via a single tab on their browser.
  2. To change the Idle Session Timeout, on the left navigation panel, go to Administration > Security and click Edit.
  3. Use the up/down arrows in the minutes box, or type in a value to change the session timeout and click Save.

Contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.