MS SQL on EC2: Clumio cannot find (X) of (Y) MS SQL on EC2 hosts to connect


Clumio cannot find the SQL on EC2 hosts to connect. This may be because NT authority does not have sysadmin permissions in the SQL Server Management studio (SSMS), or there may be some other MS SQL permissions issue.

This article lists the permissions required to connect hosts.

The process is stuck at the Grant MS SQL permissions step as the required permissions have not been assigned on the hosts to be added


  • Ensure the AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) user has system administrator privileges on the MS SQL server instance to be onboarded to Clumio.
  • The NT Authority/SQL writer account must have system administrator privileges.
  • The NT Authority/SYSTEM account must have system administrator privileges (required for MS SQL Server 2019).
  • The SQL Server VSS writer service must be running on the MS SQL host.
  • The Volume Shadow Copy Service must be registered or present in the services list.
    For more details, refer to this documentation.

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