Off-boarding the Clumio service for AWS datasource


This document describes the process for off-boarding the Clumio service for AWS datasource. Successful off-boarding will help achieve the following:

  1. Remove all the AWS resources spun up by Clumio in the connected AWS account.
  2. Disconnect the AWS account from Clumio Portal.


Please ensure that the intent to off-board from Clumio has been made known either to your Clumio Account Team or by reaching out to Clumio Technical Support via [email protected].

The user wishing to conduct the off-boarding must have valid administrative credentials to the following:

  1. AWS administrative access to manage resources spun up by Clumio Service.
  2. Clumio service credentials used to access the Clumio administrative Web UI.


  1. Reach out to [email protected] so that the Clumio support team can enable the AWS disconnect option for your Clumio account.
  2. Log into the Clumio Web UI, unprotect all AWS assets associated with the account to be off-boarded. Users can do this by navigating to the Policies > AWS Protection Rules configuration menu.
  3. Log into your AWS management console for the account to be disconnected and remove the following:
  • CloudFormation Stacks - Delete Clumio Service Stacks.
  • Snapshots - Delete EC2, EBS, or RDS snapshots with the name "Clumio Backup Snapshot".
  • Volumes - Delete EBS volumes with the name "Clumio Backup Volume".
  1. From the Clumio Web UI, navigate to the AWS Environments page. Select the account that you wish to disconnect and delete via the "Trash Can" symbol.

After conducting the steps listed above, the AWS account will be disconnected from the Clumio portal and all Clumio resources from the disconnected AWS account will be removed.


Contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.