Error: Clumio Portal UI Login - An error was encountered with the requested page


When logging into the Clumio Portal, using the IDP initiated flow, you get the following error.

An error was encountered with the requested page. Invalid samlResponse or relayState from identitiy provider.



Today, Clumio does not support IDP Initiated Single Sign on. What this means is that, when you are logged into your IDP Portal and choose to click on Clumio, it initiates a IDP login. This is not supported today. 

In IDP Init SSO (Unsolicited Web SSO) the Federation process is initiated by the IDP sending an unsolicited SAML Response to the SP. In SP-Init, the SP generates an AuthnRequest that is sent to the IDP as the first step in the Federation process and the IDP then responds with a SAML Response. 


Clumio supports SP initiated login. When logged in to your SSO, open a new tab and proceed to the appropriate portal login page.

  1. For Clumio East:
  2. For Clumio West:
  3. For Clumio Canada:

If SSO is configured, Clumio will automatically re-direct you to the configured SSO and the login should succeed.


For additional questions, please contact Clumio Support: [email protected]