Updating Terraform stack for AWS account linked to Clumio Portal


This document describes the process of updating an existing Terraform stack for re-deploying AWS resources required for Clumio protection services in the AWS account linked to Clumio Portal.



To update Terraform, you must have:

To see whether your terraform stack is up-to-date:

  1. Log in to the Clumio portal, select AWS > Environments. The AWS Environments window appears.
  2. If your stack needs to be updated, an 'Update to latest' icon appears next to your AWS account. 
    Note: The UI may prompt you to update your stack via Terraform, however there are cases when a CloudFormation template based release will be ahead of our provider release which will prompt you to update your stack even though you have the latest Terraform provider based stack. In this scenario, disregard any prompt to update your stack.

Update the stack

Go to the account folder location where you have terraform config files, and enter the following:

Prepare your environment  
If you are using environment variables, use the below.  
terraform init -upgrade  
terraform plan  
terraform apply 


When the operation completes, go back to the Clumio portal and check the updated Accounts page. 

Refer to our terraform documentation for more information.

Contact [email protected] for clarification or questions.