Migrating Clumio AWS Connection from CloudFormation to Terraform


This document describes the process of redeploying a CloudFormation template-based Clumio AWS connection through Terraform. Please follow the steps provided here if you have an existing connection with the CloudFormation template and would like to migrate that connection via Terraform.

Remove the Clumio CloudFormation stack from your AWS account

  1. Log into your AWS console and navigate to the CloudFormation service.
  2. Navigate to the "stacks" page and locate the Clumio stack.
  3. Select the Clumio stack and delete it.

Reconnect to Clumio using Terraform

  1. Reference the following documentation to build your main.TF file.
  2. Navigate to your terraform environment and verify you are using the correct credentials to make the change using the following command.
    • aws sts get-caller-identity
  3. Perform the following Terraform commands to reconnect to Clumio.
    • terraform init  
      terraform import clumio_aws_connection.connection <AWS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER>_<AWS_ACCOUNT_REGION>  
      terraform plan  
      terraform apply
  4. Verify the connection status in the Clumio portal.

Contact [email protected] for any clarifications or questions.