Managing SQL Server Hosts

Clumio recommends protecting Microsoft SQL Server assets at the host level rather than at the database level. This lets you use resources more efficiently and avoids taking snapshots for every database backup. Modify host settings from the tabs available on the MS SQL on EC2 tab.

Apply or change policies

If a policy needs to be applied to a host or a policy applied on a host needs to be changed, use the check boxes to select the hosts for which you want to modify the policy setting and click Apply policy or click Change policy and select a different policy from the drop down menu. You can also remove the applied policy from the Change policy dialog.

You can also change or delete a policy by clicking the edit icon in the policy column and selecting the relevant option.

Reset permissions

If IAM permissions have been removed and there is a need to set IAM permissions on the connected host again, use the check boxes to select the hosts you want to set IAM permissions for:

  • Click Modify Hosts > Reset Permission.

Retire hosts

If there is a need to stop backups on a specific host but preserve the backups taken in the past, do the following:

  1. Navigate to AWS > Protect > MS SQL on EC2 > Hosts.
  2. Use the check boxes to select the hosts you want to delete.
  3. Click Modify Hosts and then Retire Hosts (Preserve Backups).