Alert: Backup Window Exceeded


Alert Type: Policy Violated

Alert Raised On:Time period when the first attempt failed

Datasource: Name of the datasource

Entity: Number of entities (click inside alert to find out individual entities)

Cause: Backup(s) were aborted because they could be completed within the configured backup window. See resolution and possible next steps section below.


During every backup window, Clumio will attempt to backup all entities configured for that backup window. There are multiple reasons why entities might not complete within the backup window. Here they are below

  • The throughput for that backup window was low
  • Capacity to back up was reduced
  • Additional workloads were added to backup
  • The change rate for the entities was high

Whenever such a message is seen and no notable changes were made to the environment, chances are, it is an intermittent issue. Watch for the backups in the next backup window.

If no changes were made to the Clumio Platform, and you still want to investigate, reach out to Clumio Support ([email protected]) with this alert.

Contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.