RDS backup

RDS backups

Clumio offers the following types of RDS backup tiers to store your RDS backup data.

  • SecureVault Standard tier for database backups optimized for short term operational recovery, where retention is less than 3 months.
  • SecureVault Archive tier for logical copies of the data optimized for long term storage for compliance purposes, where retention is longer than 3 months.

You can manage your AWS snapshots from the Clumio platform. AWS automated backups are database backups stored in your AWS account for a limited time for point-in-time recovery (PITR).

You can also take on-demand backups of your RDS assets.

SecureVault Standard

Enable air-gapped, backups to generate a backup of an RDS resource every 24 hours. Each backup is retained in Clumio until the next backup is taken approximately 24 hours later, at which time the old backup is deleted and replaced by the new one. In the event that your production account is compromised, you can rapidly recover the last backup and restore it to the current AWS account or another AWS account.

SecureVault Archive

Configure SecureVault Archive backups to generate backups of an RDS resource and retain the data in Clumio for extended periods of time. You can retrieve individual records directly from the database backup and load them onto a database. When configured, SecureVault record backups can help meet regulatory and compliance policy requirements. Note that a thaw period of up to 48 hours is required before the data can be retrieved.

When an RDS protection policy is applied, Clumio starts the backup seeding process to synchronize data between the resource and Clumio. The initial backup seeding process creates a full backup of the RDS resource and saves it to Clumio. After that, backups are generated based on the policy’s configured schedule. Recurring backups can be configured to occur at various frequencies throughout the year. During the retention period, you can query backup data and retrieve specific records for SecureVault Archive tier backups (after a thaw period).

AWS automated backups

AWS automated backups are available for point-in-time recovery. You can choose to add this to your Clumio RDS protection policy, or remove it from an existing one. If you choose to include AWS automated backups in your Clumio policy, Clumio manages the RDS PITR configuration on AWS, which means Clumio will update the PITR configuration on AWS when:

  • a database is protected by a policy with this option enabled.
  • a policy that protects an RDS database is updated to enable AWS automated backups, or if the settings for AWS automated backups are updated.
  • the configuration for an AWS automated backup included in a Clumio policy is updated on AWS directly. Clumio resynchronizes with AWS on a daily basis to determine whether the configuration has changed. If there is a change, an alert is generated notifying you that Clumio is attempting to update the configuration. See this article for more information.

On-demand backups

On-demand backups represent single backups that are manually generated at any point in time and retained in Clumio. You can take SecureVault backups on-demand. By default, an on-demand backup in SecureVault Standard tier is retained for 7 days and in SecureVault Archive tier is retained for 1 year.