Ransomware Recovery score

The Ransomware Recovery score provides information about how your assets are backed up and how recently the backups were taken. An asset can be backed up in any of these ways: in-account AWS Snapshot, cross-account AWS snapshot, or Clumio SecureVault backup. Each backup type is scored based on how well it protects an asset. Backups are also scored by how old they are, in a measurement called the recency score. 

The Ransomware Recovery score is calculated by multiplying the backup type score by the recency score.

Individual asset score

If asset A has an in-account AWS snapshot (see Table 1, the highest score possible for this backup type is 30%) that was taken 2 days ago. As the snapshot was taken 2 days ago, the recency score would be 70% (see Table 2). Therefore, the Ransomware Recovery Score for asset A is calculated as follows.

Ransomware Recovery Score of asset A: 30% x 70% = 21%

Table 1: Score based on backup type

Type of backupBackup type score
Clumio SecureVault backup100%
Cross-account AWS Snapshot90%
In-account AWS Snapshot30%
No backup 0

Table 2: Score based on age of backup

Age in daysRecency score

Ransomware Recovery score based on asset size (GB)

When we perform a size-based analysis of assets and backups, we display the Ransomeware Recovery score for individual assets and the overall score for all assets being analyzed. 

Aggregated score for assets- When calculating the aggregated score for all assets based on asset size, we calculate a size-weighted score for each asset and add the individual size-weighted scores to find the total Ransomware Recovery score for all assets. The table below shows how this is done.

AssetAsset size (GB)Backup typeDays since last backupRecency scoreBackup type scoreBackup score (Recency score x Backup type score)Weighted score in GB (Asset size x Backup score)
1200In-account Snapshot1100%30%30%60
2180Cross-account Snapshot1040%90%36%64.8
340No backup1540%000
475Clumio SecureVault0.5100%100%100%75
550Clumio SecureVault6520%100%20%10
Total assets = 545 GBTotal weighted score in GB = 209.8GB
Ransomware Recovery score = 209.8/545 = 38.49%

The Ransomware Recovery Score for all assets is 38.49%

Ransomware Recovery score based on asset count

When analyzing assets based on count, we do not factor in the size of the asset and therefore the recovery score for an asset is the score calculated by considering backup type and age of the backup.

Aggregated score for assets- To find the aggregated score for all assets based on asset count, we calculate the score for individual assets and aggregate the scores to find the recovery score. The table below shows how this is done.

AssetBackup typeDays since last backupRecency scoreBackup type scoreBackup score (Recency score x Backup type score)Count-based score
1Cross-account Snapshot940%90%36%0.36
2In-account Snapshot3120%30%6%0.06
3No backup00000
4Clumio SecureVault0.5100%100%100%1
5Clumio SecureVault1100%100%100%1
Total assets = 5Total score = 2.42
Ransomware Recovery score = 2.42/5 = 48.4%

The Ransomware Recovery score for all assets is 48.4%

Note: If an asset has multiple backups then we take into account the highest score achieved from any of the backup types and recency combinations. For example, an asset has a Clumio SecureVault backup taken 60 days ago, and also a cross-account snapshot taken within the last 24 hours.

The Ransomware Recovery score calculation looks at these two scenarios:

  • Clumio SecureVault backup = 100% (Backup type score for Clumio SecureVault) x 20% (Recency score for a backup that was taken 60 days ago) = 20%

  • Cross-account AWS snapshot = 90% (Backup type score for cross-account AWS Snapshot) x 100% (Recency score for a backup taken in the last 24 hours) = 90%

In this scenario, we choose the cross-account AWS snapshot when considering the score calculation, giving this asset a score of 90%.