Parsing CloudTrail logs to check CMK activities

CMK access can be viewed in the CloudTrail in a customer's AWS account by tracking the Clumio KMS activities with the following usernames:

  • 'KMS-backup' - Used during the Backup operations
  • 'KMS-post-processing' - Used during the Post-processing work (FLI) operations
  • 'KMS-restore' -Used during the Restore operations
  • 'daebaksrv-S3Backup' - Used specifically during S3 backup operations

Any operations performed on the Clumio CMK apart from the above usernames should be reported and analyzed thoroughly by your security team.  

  1. Log into your AWS account where the KMS key is hosted for encrypting backups stored in Clumio.
  2. Navigate to the CloudTrail service.
  3. From the left navigation pane of the CloudTrail service, select the 'Event History' tab to check the CloudTrail events.
  1. Filter the Event History lookup attributes with the User Name attribute.
  2. Choose one of the User Name shared above to capture the CMK activities performed by Clumio on the shared KMS key.

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