Configuring SSO for OneLogin


Ensure that you have the following before you start configuring OneLogin:

  • OneLogin account with admin privileges
  • The Clumio Entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service URL, refer to this knowledge base article for instructions on how to get that information from the Clumio Dashboard.

Configuring OneLogin as an IdP for Clumio Service

  1. After logging into OneLogin dashboard, click Applications > Applications.


  1. ClickAdd App
  2. Search for SAML and click SAML Test Connector (Advanced) SAML 2.0.


  1. Configure the Display Name to Clumio and add Clumio Application in the Description. Click Save.


  1. After saving the app, click Configuration.


  1. Under Configuration, type the Entity ID from the Clumio dashboard in Audience field. Under ACS (Consumer) URL Validator and ACS (Consumer) URL fields, copy the ACS Consumer Service URL obtained from the Clumio dashboard:


  1. Under SAML initiator, select Service Provider. Ensure that you select Email from the drop down list for SAML nameID format .


  1. Click Parameters and click the + icon:


  1. In the New Field section, configure the Field name as follows: “”. Check the box for nclude in SAML assertion and click Save.


  1. Select Email the Value field and click Save.


  1. Under Users add those users to whom you want to grant Clumio dashboard access.


  1. Go back to Info section. Under More Actions, click SAML Metadata to download the metadata file. Clumio service will need this file to be publicly accessible in a URL.


  1. Click Save after downloading the SAML metadata file. The Clumio app will be successfully updated after that.