Additional applications to improve backup and restore performance

What is a Clumio M365 application?

A M365 application acts as an agent for Clumio to perform backup and restore operations. Clumio deploys a total of two applications for two connection types when first onboarding a domain to Clumio. One application is deployed for Exchange related workloads and another one for OneDrive/Sharepoint workloads totaling two applications upon onboarding.

Why add additional applications?

Adding additional applications provide the following performance benefits.

  • Helps counter API throttling from Microsoft as your M365 backups/restores would be load balanced between the 3 applications.
  • Reduces the time taken for seeding when the number of assets are high.
  • Increases performance when there are large number of assets for incremental backups.
  • Helps in the event asset tasks fail after RPO without getting a chance to initiate or complete.

How to add additional Clumio M365 applications

Note: The limit of applications is set to 3 by default, and if more applications are needed please contact [email protected]

Refer to the following articles listing the required permissions to onboard additional Clumio M365 applications to your environment.

  1. Navigate to the "Microsoft 365" section of the Clumio portal.
  2. Select the cloud icon in the same row of the domain you wish to target under the "Action column".
  1. A pop up displays showing you how many applications are currently deployed, select the option to add an application link.
  1. You are prompted to sign into your Microsoft account and verify the permissions being requested to deploy the application.

Contact [email protected] in case of any clarifications or questions.