Connecting an AWS account manually using CloudFormation

This method is ideal if you want to review templates, or if you are not the owner for all accounts. Clumio provides the required templates and tokens. You will need to add the IAM permissions first and then create the stack from the AWS console.

To see a list of the resources created and the IAM roles and policies that are created and assigned to the role, see AWS Resources and IAM Permissions for details

  1. If you are creating the CloudFormation stack yourself, sign in to your AWS account so that can access it. If another AWS IAM user is going to create the CloudFormation stack, skip this step.
  2. From , select AWS > Connect. The AWS connect page displays.
  3. Click Add Accounts and select Add account manually from the drop down menu.
  4. Complete the following fields in the Enter account information section:
    • AWS account ID: Enter your 12-digit AWS account ID.
    • AWS region: Select the AWS region(s) you want to connect.
  5. Open AWS CloudFormation console, upload the Clumio CloudFormation template. Copy the values in the following fields:
    AWS CloudFormation Template: The CloudFormation template YAML file. This template includes all of the parameters needed to create the CloudFormation stack for the account and specified AWS account region. This value will be pasted into the Amazon S3 URL field when creating the CloudFormation stack.
    Token: The 36-character AWS integration ID token used to identify the installation of the CloudFormation template on the account. This value will be pasted into the ClumioToken field when creating the CloudFormation stack.
    At this point, you can either continue the following steps to manually create the CloudFormation template yourself or provide the CloudFormation template URL and token to someone else who has the necessary IAM permissions needed to create the template.
  6. Sign in to your AWS account through the AWS Management Console and create a CloudFormation stack “With new resources (standard)” and complete the following fields.
    • Select Template is ready
    • Select Amazon S3 URL.
    • Paste the AWS CloudFormation Template URL you copied from into the Amazon S3 URL field.
    • Enter a meaningful stack name to help you easily identify the stack.
    • Paste the token you copied from into the ClumioToken field. The token is appended to the name of all AWS resources created by the CloudFormation stack, and additionally serves as an identifier for to determine when the stack has finished installation.
    • Enter random characters into the RoleExternalId field. The identifier is associated with the custom IAM role created by the CloudFormation template. The identifier is passed back to after the installation process finishes and does not need to be saved.
    • In the Capabilities section, click the checkbox to acknowledge the statement, which informs you that the stack creation process includes creating a custom IAM role and IAM policies.
  7. Click Create stack. AWS creates the resources that will be used by to perform backups and restores.
    After the stack is created, will try to connect to your AWS account.
  8. You can check the connection status from the table on the AWS connect page. A status of "Connecting..." means that Clumio is trying to connect to your AWS account. Once the connection is fully established, the status changes to "Connected."

To connect to another AWS region in the same AWS account, repeat the connection steps by connecting to the same account and selecting a different AWS Region.

Edit account connection

You can edit, delete, or add protection to your account connection at any time after it is connected. Click the Actions column for the account you want to edit and selecting an option from the pop-up menu.