Migrating to the new RDS SecureVault tiers

This document describes the new RDS backup tier offerings from Clumio and how to migrate from the existing backup tiers to the new tiers

With the launch of the new RDS backup tiers, Clumio will retire the RDS GRR backup tier by November 30, 2024.
This document describes the actions you must take and when you can expect to see these changes to take effect.

Two new backup tiers for RDS will be available when you launch the policy creation wizard.

  • RDS SecureVault Standard replaces RDS Rolling backups. This is a change in nomenclature only. Going forward RDS Rolling backups will be labeled SecureVault Standard backups on the Clumio platform.
  • RDS SecureVault Archive is a brand new compliance tier that offers the same capabilities as RDS GRR but at a fraction of the cost. The only difference is that a thaw period of up to 48 hours is required before the data can be retrieved.

The following table provides a comparison of the new backup tiers.

RDS GRR (Retired)RDS SecureVault ArchiveRDS SecureVault Standard
Minimum retention1 month1 year
For retention periods < 1 year, an early deletion fee applies.
1 day
Early deletion feeNone$0.01 per GiB-monthNone
Backup typeLogical backupLogical backupDatabase backup
Restore typeLogical restoreLogical restoreDatabase restore
Data retrieval through queriesSupportedSupportedNot supported
Thaw period before restoreNone24-48 hoursN/A
Consumption metricFull/ Provisioned- Full Provisioned for Oracle SE2 and SQL Server
- Full/Utilized for others
Supported databasesAll RDS supported databases, except Oracle EE.All RDS supported databases, except Oracle EE.Supported RDS databases

For pricing information for the new backup tiers, see https://clumio.com/pricing.

Migrate existing policies

SecureVault Standard tier

There is no action required if you have existing backup policies for the RDS Rolling backup tier. Your policies will automatically roll over to the new RDS SecureVault Standard tier.

SecureVault Archive tier

If you do not currently have policies that use RDS GRR, starting November 13, 2023 you will only be able to create new policies with the new backup tiers.

If you currently have policies that use RDS GRR, this tier will continue to be available on the Clumio platform until December 5, 2023.
On December 6, 2023, Clumio will enable the RDS SecureVault Archive tier, after which the RDS GRR tier will no longer be available. Any existing RDS GRR policies will continue to perform as usual until November 30, 2024 unless you migrate your policy to the new SecureVault Archive tier offering.

If you currently have RDS GRR policies in place, we recommend that you migrate your policies before November 30, 2024, based on the following recommendations:

  1. If the data needs to be retained for more than 3 months, or you currently use the logical data retrieval capability with RDS GRR tier, we recommend you edit the policy and choose RDS - SecureVault Archive tier in place of RDS GRR tier.
  2. If the data needs to be retained for less than 3 months, and your workloads demand quick recovery from operational disruptions, then we recommend you choose the RDS SecureVault Standard tier.

Edit your backup policy and select the new SecureVault Archive tier, or SecureVault Standard tier instead of RDS GRR, based on the recommendations above.

You can edit policies (including RDS GRR) until November 30, 2024 or renewal, whichever is earlier. After November 30, 2024 support for RDS GRR ends. By this date all RDS GRR policies and existing RDS GRR backups will have been migrated to the new RDS tiers.

To edit your existing RDS GRR policies and change them to the new RDS SecureVault tier,

  1. From the Policies page, click the edit icon to edit the policy.
  2. In the Edit Policy dialog, delete the RDS GRR tier resource from the Asset type column.
  3. Select RDS SecureVault Archive tier from the Select asset type to create new set drop down menu.
  4. Edit the frequency and retention settings per your requirements.

You can also request Clumio Support to make these changes for you, please contact [email protected].

Migrate existing RDS GRR backups

With regard to your existing RDS GRR backups our Sales and Support teams will be in touch to create a plan to handle these backups.

Customers that currently use RDS GRR can expect an email notice from Clumio with details about this issue and the scheduled timeline for the changes.

Contact [email protected] in case of any clarifications or questions.