Getting started with Clumio Protect for EC2 and EBS

Clumio provides a secure way to protect your Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes through Clumio SecureVault and Snap backup policies.

Clumio SecureVault Backups represent full and incremental backups of your EC2 instances and EBS volumes. Clumio Protect for EC2 and EBS allows you to do granular recovery at a file or directory level as well as complete recovery of an EC2 instance or EBS volume.

Service limits

You can find more information about Clumio service limits for EC2 instances.

Before you begin

You must have permission to create and update a CloudFormation/Terraform template. For more information, read about AWS Resources and IAM Permissions.

Getting started

Connect your AWS account

You must first connect the AWS account and regions that contain your EC2 instances and EBS volumes to start protecting them using Clumio. 

Protect your data with Clumio


Clumio uses Amazon EBS Direct APIs for EC2 and EBS backups and restores. This eliminates the need to run any backup or recovery infrastructure in a customer’s account, which reduces management overhead for customers.

All Clumio backups are air-gapped outside of a customer organization’s security domain to Clumio’s SecureVault, ensuring maximum protection against account compromise, bad actors, and even rogue automation scripts.

Clumio’s use of Amazon EBS direct APIs enables customers to quickly recover data into EBS volumes for use cases like disaster recovery.

Clumio always retains a snapshot copy of the protected EBS volumes and EC2 instances in a customer’s environment to perform incremental backups and ensure quick operational recovery. The snapshot is updated per the scheduled backup frequency defined in a Clumio protection policy.

You can protect your EC2 and EBS assets using policies and protection rules. Try it out with this demo: Clumio Protect for EC2/EBS.

Backup tier options

Clumio offers two backup tier storage options, SecureVault Lite and SecureVault Standard. Refer to the following article on SecureVault Backup Tier options for more information about each of these tiers.

Improving backup and restore performance

You can improve the efficiency of your EBS/EC2 backups and restores. To learn more, please refer to the following article Improving backup and restore times for large EC2 instances or EBS volumes.

Useful information

  • When backing up EC2 instances, Clumio creates an instance snapshot in a customer’s environment. The data and configuration information is backed up to the Clumio cloud.
  • When restoring EC2 instances, Clumio always uses the default VPC Security Groups.
  • When restoring EC2 instances, Clumio launches the instance with an AMI created using the backup root snapshot. There is no option to select a different AMI for the restored EC2 instance.
  • More information about how Clumio calculates EC2 inventory details.


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