Submitting and tracking feature requests directly from the Clumio Portal

You can now submit feature requests directly through our Clumio platform, and vote on requests submitted by others that you feel are valuable. This article will walk you through the steps on how you can submit and track your feature requests. 

This article is divided into two sections. The first section covers the steps to submit a feature request through Clumio Portal, and the following section talks about tracking the open feature requests.

Submit feature requests or improvements

  1. Login to the Clumio UI, navigate to the bottom left corner and click Resource Center (question mark icon ).
  2. Click Share your feedback
  3. Fill out the details of the request in the form, or type in keywords and select an existing request--if one displays based on the keywords you typed.
  4. Submit the form.

Track an open feature request

  1. Navigate to the Resource Center from the Clumio UI, and click Open in Portal.
  2. You are redirected to the Pendo Feedback portal which keeps track of all the ideas and improvements submitted by Clumio customers.
  3. From the left navigation pane, click Dashboard. Your requests will be listed under My Priorities at the top pf the page. This dashboard also displays requests suggested by other customers. 

Request Status

Requests that you see in the dashboard are assigned a status:

  • Not Reviewed: Any new request will default to this status. Project Managers will regularly review requests and move to a different status (Open for Voting or Not Considered). 
  • Open for Voting: Requests in this status will be visible by other visitors, and they can vote (thumbs up or down) if they feel the request is relevant to them.
  • Planned: Requests in this status align with our product vision and will be worked on based on priority
  • Building: Requests in this status are with the development team. Comments should be reviewed for updates.
  • Released: A request will be moved to the Released status when it's in Production (GA or EA), which will notify all visitors who voted on the request that the feature is available.
  • Not being Considered: Requests in this status do not align to our overall product vision and strategy at this time.

Contact [email protected] with any questions or clarifications.