Error: 401 Failure to download a successfully restored file from the Clumio Portal


When attempting to download Reports/Restored files, a 401 error may be observed for the file after clicking on the download link. Some users may also observe a zip file downloaded with '0 bytes' of data or showing 'Unauthorized access'. 

Root Cause

The Reports/Restored files are made available to users through a '' domain as opposed to the '' domain used by the Clumio portal. As a result, the cookies from the Reports/Restored file sites may be treated as a 3rd party site. Some browsers block these sites based on their default settings. To address this behavior, go through the steps mentioned below. 


If you are experiencing a similar issue while downloading Reports/Restored files from the Clumio Portal, validate the following browser settings:

Chrome Browser:

  • Under Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies and other site data > Allow all cookies

Firefox Browser:

  • Under Settings > Privacy and Security > Custom > Cookies (All Cookies)

Safari Browser:

  • Under Preferences > Privacy > Prevent cross-site tracking (Uncheck)

Once changed, please log out and log back in, and try the download again. 


Contact Clumio support [email protected] with any questions or concerns.