Migrating to S3 out-of-region backup

Clumio’s S3 out-of-region backup feature allows customers to backup S3 assets in a protection group to a different target region than their source region. This target backup region is controlled by a policy. Once a target region is configured in a policy and applied to a protection group (either for in-region backup or a specific target region) it cannot be changed for that protection group or any of its child S3 assets.

Protection group

A protection group maintains an incremental forever chain of backups in the single target region for all S3 assets configured in the protection group. Once backups begin, the region associated with the protection group cannot be changed.


A policy is the source of backup target region configuration. While a policy is applied to a protection group, the target region specified for S3 assets cannot be changed. The policy applied to a protection group can change, but only if the target region specified in the new policy is the same as the original policy.


To migrate your S3 assets from one region to another, you must add them to a new protection group and associate the protection group with a new or different policy with the desired target region specified. This will result in a new incremental forever chain of backups for the S3 assets included in the protection group. You can then either remove the S3 asset or the original policy from the original protection group to stop backups from continuing to the original region. Existing backups will be recoverable until they expire according to the original policy. Refer to the Clumio User Guide for a detailed description of the steps to create protection groups and policies.

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