Migrating a legacy AWS account connection

Migrating a legacy account to the new account type lets you connect multiple regions where that account is deployed.

You can migrate a legacy connection to the new account connection type from the Legacy connections tab.

  1. Navigate to the AWS > Connect page and click the Legacy connections tab.
  2. Click the Actions column for the account connection that you want to migrate to the new account connection type and click Migrate and choose an option from the pop-up
  3. If you select Add with Terraform, this launches the Clumio Terraform Provider in the Terraform Registry. The page provides instructions on how to use the provider.
    If you select Add with CloudFormation, in the Edit Account with CloudFormation dialog, select a region in which to deploy the AWS stack set. This is set to your current account region by default, you can change this as you add more regions to connect for this account. You can choose any region, it does not affect Clumio functions. The stack is stored in the selected location and Clumio uses the stored stack to create AWS stack sets for other regions in your account that you want to connect.
  4. Select the regions you want to connect for this account from the Connect regions drop down list.

Note: You cannot make any changes to the asset types previously selected for this account.

  1. The Stack version indicates whether there are any updates or changes to the stack set and provides a brief description.
  2. Click Connect. Your account will now be updated to the latest stack template.

The migrated account will now move to the Account connections tab. Once all the connections are fully established for the account, the status changes to "Connected."