Connecting a Microsoft 365 account

To start using the Clumio Service to protect your Microsoft 365 data, connect your Microsoft 365 account to Clumio.

You can add a Microsoft 365 account by clicking Add account to launch the Add account wizard which will take you through the process.

If you are connecting a new account and want all services (Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint) to be protected, Clumio includes all of them in the same setup.

If you already have an account with Exchange protection, Clumio provides an option to extend the scope of that account to include OneDrive and SharePoint, and get information for all the permissions required by the Clumio service.

For more information about the permissions required to connect your domain to the Clumio environment refer to the following articles:

Connecting a Microsoft 365 account

  1. On the Microsoft 365 Dashboard, click Add Account.
  2. Type the name of Microsoft 365 account to connect to the Clumio service.
  3. From the Enable Protection for panel, enable the toggle for Exchange, OneDrive/SharePoint, or both.
  4. Click Add Account.

Clumio allows you to have multiple connections per M365 account.

Disconnecting a Microsoft 365 account

Disconnecting an account and deleting the associated backup data from Clumio is a multi- step process. Refer to the following article for a description of the steps.