Migrating from Clumio web on-boarding to pay-as-you-go

The purpose of this article is to provide Clumio customers with the ability to connect their AWS marketplace account to Clumio. We also encourage the existing customers that have onboarded with us through the web onboarding to migrate to PayGo. PayGo provides you the ability to pay as you go and not prepay for credit consumed. Customers signed up or migrated to Clumio from AWS Marketplace will be billed directly on the marketplace.

For more information on pricing and credits, see Credit Consumption FAQ .

Migrating from web signup to AWS PayGo

Follow the steps shared below to migrate from web signup to AWS PayGo:

You must ensure that you have Super Admin privileges in Clumio before you proceed.

  1. Login to your AWS account.
  2. Use the top search bar and look up "AWS Marketplace."
  3. Click Discover Products.
  4. Use the search bar and look up "Clumio." The Clumio Data protection public app will appear. You may also use the direct link here to the Clumio web app subscription screen.
  5. Select View Purchase option and click Subscribe, you are redirected to the Clumio Registration page.
  6. Once redirected to the Registration page, rather than creating an account, click Login to sign in to the Clumio portal using your Clumio credentials as shown below.
  1. Click Convert to Marketplace Billing, to complete the onboarding to PayGo. 
  1. To verify the conversion setup was successful, click Tasks in the Clumio Portal and select the administrative tasks tab. The status column for the Account Setup task is marked Complete.

Contact [email protected] with any questions or clarifications.