VMware settings

From the VMware settings menu, you can access cloud connector settings, and Bandwidth throttling for cloud connectors.

Cloud connector settings

Go to VMware > vCenters > [vCenter IP address or FQDN]. Click the vCenter IP address or FQDN hyperlink, the Summary tab for that vCenter displays. Click the Cloud Connector Settings tab.

From the cloud connector settings window, you can do the following:

  • View active or orphaned cloud connectors: Use the dropdown at the top of the page to switch the view between Active and Orphaned cloud connectors.

  • Delete orphaned cloud connectors: Choose Orphaned cloud connectors from the dropdown at the top of the page, select the cloud connector and click Delete.

  • Disconnect vCenters: To disconnect a vCenter, select the vCenter and click Disconnect vCenter.
    This functionality is disabled by default. If this functionality is enabled, it is available to all users in the organization that have access to the vCenter. Contact Clumio Support to enable this functionality.

    Caution: Disconnecting a vCenter can interfere with backups or cause backups to expire more quickly.

  • Access the cloud connector URL and Token: click the Copy icon to copy the cloud connector URL or the token.