VMware Independent Disk Backup Limitations


Clumio leverages VMware snapshots as part of the virtual machine backup workflow. VMware does not currently support snapshots of independent disks in a virtual machine, whether persistent or non-persistent.

This document describes the current Clumio behavior for backup and restore of virtual machines with independent disks. 


The following describes the expected behavior when a VM with independent disk(s) is protected by Clumio.

VM Backup:

  • Independent disks will not be backed up by Clumio.
  • Dependent (default) disks are backed up by Clumio.

VM Restore:

  • Only dependent disks will be restored.
  • If independent persistent disks are desired as part of the restore, customers are expected to manually create the independent persistent disk on the restored VM.

Please contact [email protected] in case of any clarifications or questions.