Migrating protected ESXi Hosts

This article covers some Clumio best practices for migrating VMs currently protected by clumio from one vCenter to another vCenter.

The best practices documented below apply when:

  • You have VMs under Clumio protection.
  • You are migrating ESXi hosts from one vCenter to another vCenter.
  • You have access to the Clumio platform and the vCenter web consoles.

Best Practices

1. Open a Clumio support case

Reach out to Clumio Support by emailing [email protected] and provide the relevant details around the planned migration:

  • Old and new vCenter version
  • Time and Date of planned migration
  • Any other relevant migration plan details.

2. Schedule a Maintenance Window - During the window, please ensure:

There are NO running Clumio backup tasks for the VMs on the hosts to be migrated. If there are any running backups, please wait for them to complete.

Ensure that no NEW backup tasks for the VM start during this window. To do this, please unprotect the VMs to be migrated.

3. BEFORE Migration - Prior to the migration, please ensure:

  • All VM snapshots and disks are consolidated as needed.
  • Check that the no disks (other than the OS 17GB disk) are attached to the Clumio Cloud Connector - Clumio Support can help with this.
  • The new vCenter is already connected to Clumio.

4. AFTER Migration - After migrating the ESXi Hosts to the New vCenter, please:

  • Check that there are no snapshots to be consolidated prior to protecting the recently migrated VMs
  • Reprotect the new migrated VMs from the Clumio UI
  • Let Clumio support know and we will help proactively monitor to ensure that your backups post-migration are completed successfully.


For any questions, please reach out to [email protected]