Error: vCenter Task "Reconfigure virtual machine" with Status "Invalid configuration for device" seen for Connector VM


Customers with the Clumio Connector deployed in their VMware environment may notice the following tasks in their vCenter Task list:

Task Name: Reconfigure virtual machine

Status: Invalid Configuration for device

Target: {Clumio Connector VM Name}



During a Clumio backup, Clumio Cloud Connector tries to mount the vDisk to itself using"Hot-Add" as default method.

For on-prem VMware, the Clumio Cloud Connector and protected VM must be in same cluster for the "Hot-Add" task to be successful. If the protected VM belongs to a different cluster the "Hot-Add" task failswith "Invalid Configuration for device" status for"Reconfigure virtual machine" task.

This is an expected error message for Connector VM and it should not impact the VM state and any on-going backup tasks. Clumio will continue to perform the backup with "NBD" method for mounting the vDisk. 

For VMC on AWS, only the Hot-Add method is supported. There must be at least one cloud connector per cluster (if there are multiple clusters) so as not to encounter this error.

Reach out to Clumio Support ([email protected]) for assistance.