Error: Failed to configure network: STATIC / DHCP configuration error (exit status 4)


When configuring a Cloud Connector VM via the interactive console, administrators are required to apply the network settings before they take effect. Upon doing so, the Cloud Connector VM will run a validation test to ensure proper network prerequisites are met for VM to cloud connectivity.

In the case that Cloud Connector VM Network Adapter Settings is not in a CONNECTED state, the following error may be observed:

Failed to apply configuration

  • Failed to configure network: STATIC configuration error (exit status 4). - if Static IP configuration is use


  • Failed to configure network: DHCP configuration error (exit status 4 ). - if DHCP IP configuration is used



If the error message is observed, VM Network Adapter Settings should be validated:

  1. Clumio Cloud Connector VM > Edit Settings > Network Adapter should have the Connected check box enabled and Connect At Power On enabled.Screen_Shot_2020-05-06_at_10.25.02_AM.png
  2. Also ensure proper network STATIC IP configuration is available with no duplicate IP assigning and if configured for DHCP, its services should be running and reachable.

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