Error: Failed to access Docker Hub registry


When configuring a Cloud Connector VM via the interactive console, administrators are required to apply settings before they take effect. Upon doing so, the Cloud Connector VM will run a validation test to ensure proper setup and networking prerequisites are met for VM to cloud connectivity.

When networking prerequisites are not met, the following error may be observed in the Cloud Connector VM interactive console:

Failed to apply configuration

  • Failed to access Docker Hub registry



This error typically occurs when network issue are preventing the Clumio Cloud Connector VM from successfully establishing outbound TCP 443 connectivity to the Clumio public endpoints defined in the following this KB.

To resolve this error, please validate the following:

  1. Clumio Cloud Connector VM should be configured with the proper IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS configuration to resolve and route traffic to the Clumio public endpoints.
  2. Clumio Cloud Connector VM virtual network adapter should be connected to the proper virtual network for outbound connectivity to Clumio public endpoints.
  3. Any intermediary Firewall or Proxy should allow the Clumio VM to reach outbound TCP 443 with all defined endpoints SSL-whitelisted.

Contact Clumio Support ([email protected]) with any questions or concerns.