Disconnecting a vCenter/VMC environment from Clumio


The purpose of this knowledge base article is to walk you through the steps on how to disconnect VCenter/VMC environments . 

NOTE: Disconnecting an environment permanently deletes all the data and backups for that environment.

Follow these steps to remove your vCenter/VMC environment connection from the Clumio portal. 

Contact Clumio Support to disconnect a vCenter/VMC environment

You must contact Clumio support to enable the option to disconnect your account.

  1. Login to you account on Clumio Support.
  2. Submit a request with a brief description of why you want to disconnect your vCenter/VMC environment.

Disconnect the vCenter/VMC environment from Clumio

  1. From the Clumio portal, select VMware > vCenters, then select the vCenter you want to disconnect.
  2. From the vCenter page, select the Cloud Connector Settings tab.
  3. Write down names of the cloud connectors you have deployed. You will delete these connectors from your vCenter inventory later in the process.
  4. Click Disconnect vCenter.


  1. From the Disconnect vCenter pop-up, click Disconnect vCenter to remove the environment. This  removes the vCenter/VMC environment connection from Clumio.


Delete Clumio cloud connector VMs from your vCenter/VMC inventory

  1. Sign in to your vCenter/VMC account.
  2. Find all the deployed Clumio cloud connector VMs. These are the connectors you noted earlier in the process. Right-click on each Clumio cloud connector and select Delete from Disk to completely delete it.