Alert: VMware Storage vMotion Disable Attempt Failed


Alert Type: Backup Failed

Alert Raised On:Time period when the first attempt failed

Datasource: Vcenter Name

Entity: VM Name(s)

Failure Count:Number of times it failed 

Cause: Backup(s) failed because Storage vMotion could not be disabled. Verify that the entity is not in the process of being backed up by another backup software. Clumio tries to backup every entity 3 times within the same backup window. If you are still seeing this alert, that means we failed 3 times. Check the failure count in the alert.

Alert On Clumio Portal: Users can find the latest entities that failed.


During backup, Clumio requires the ability to explicitly disable vMotion. In the event that vMotion is disabled by another solution or user, Clumio will fail the backup task. The recommended approach to address this issue is to ensure the Clumio backup window is configured to not overlap with the time at which another solution is taking a backup.

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