List resources

Returns a machine-readable list of Clumio REST API resources, endpoints, and their supported versions. Every request must include an HTTP header with the Accept key to define the version of the API to be used.
The current release's version string is returned in the Content Type HTTP response header. This version string should be used as the Accept header's value to use the newest version of the API. Version strings are provided in the following format:

  • Accept: application/api.clumio. sets the common version to the specified version.
  • Accept: application/api.clumio.=v2&users=v1&tasks=v1+json sets the common version to v2 while setting the version of the tasks and users resources to v1.
When the header is passed to the discovery request, the response is filtered to return the relevant resources and versions only. The requested_version field for each resource specifies the version requested in the Accept header. For more information about versioning, refer to the Versioning section of this guide. For more information about the Discovery API, refer to the Discovery API section of this guide.

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