List policies

Returns a list of policies and their configurations. The following table describes the supported policy operations.

vmware_vm_backupVMware VM backup.
aws_ebs_volume_backupAWS EBS volume backup.
aws_ebs_volume_snapshotAWS EBS volume snapshot stored in customer's AWS account.
aws_ec2_instance_backupAWS EC2 instance backup.
aws_ec2_instance_snapshotAWS EC2 instance snapshot stored in customer's AWS account.
ec2_mssql_database_backupAWS EC2 MSSQL database backup.
ec2_mssql_log_backupAWS EC2 MSSQL log backup.
aws_rds_resource_aws_snapshotAWS RDS snapshot stored in the customer's AWS account.
aws_rds_resource_rolling_backupAWS RDS backup stored in Clumio.
aws_rds_resource_granular_backupAWS RDS granular backup stored in Clumio.
aws_dynamodb_table_snapshotAWS DynamoDB table snapshot stored in customer's AWS account.
aws_dynamodb_table_pitrAWS DynamoDB table point-in-time recovery.
protection_group_backupAWS S3 Protection Group backup.
microsoft365_mailbox_backupMicrosoft365 mailbox backup.
microsoft365_onedrive_backupMicrosoft365 onedrive backup.
microsoft365_share_point_backupMicrosoft365 site backup.
mssql_database_backupVMC MSSQL database backup stored in Clumio.
mssql_log_backupVMC MSSQL log backup stored in Clumio.
The following table describes the supported policy activation statuses.
Activation StatusDescription
activatedBackups will take place regularly according to the policy SLA.
deactivated Backups will not begin until the policy is reactivated. The assets associated with the policy will have their compliance status set to "deactivated".
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