Organizational Units

If you belong to more than one organizational unit (OU), set the X-Clumio-OrganizationalUnit-Context header to UUID of the top-level OU where you want to perform your request. The request is served in the specified OU and all of its descendant OUs.

To fetch the UUID of an OU use the GET /organizational-units endpoint.

To run a request in the global OU, set the header to X-Clumio-OrganizationalUnit-Context: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.
The request is served in the global OU and all of its descendant OUs--in other words, across all organizational units. If you do not specify the header, the value will default to the OU you were first assigned to. If you belong to only one OU, you do not need to send the header.

For more information about organizational units, refer to the Clumio User Guide section Organizational Units.